After a short break for summer, Church of the Holy Spirit Children’s Liturgy program & Mass Daycare will return August 25th.  Both programs will only be available during the Sunday 10:30AM Mass.  Mass Daycare will be open 10 minutes prior to Mass until the end of Mass. The Children’s Liturgy program, referred to as Wee Worship, will last approximately 20 minutes – with the children leaving Mass before the first reading and returning during the offertory.

Wee Worship activities will relate to that week’s readings and will be arranged & provided the week before.  Please consider volunteering to help with the programs.

Sign-Up to Volunteer

If you sign up to volunteer and you have ideas of what activity you’d like to do, please let us know.  Contacts:  Jill Nielsen (402) 297-9486 and Krista Laney (402) 212-1914.