Stewardship is a way of life, and this week we are kicking off our annual “stewardship of treasure.” In the links below, you will find this week’s bulletin with a letter about stewardship of treasure from Fr. Timmerman, as well as a Pledge Card and Automatic Deposit Form.

bulletin 2022-11-13

2022-23 Stewardship Pledge Form


We are asking all parishioners to prayerfully fill out and return their pledge card to the parish office. Your commitment to stewardship first of all helps you to plan out and be intentional about your giving to the Church. Secondly, the pledge cards also help the parish with budgeting for the future.

The automatic deposit form is a great way to give to CHS via online giving. Some parishioners travel on the weekend, and if they miss a Mass at Holy Spirit, the church loses out on their much-needed weekly support. Some people choose to give monthly, just like many of their other automatic expenses that come out of their account. Online giving is an easy and safe way to exercise this “envelope-based” area of stewardship of treasure, and it can be planned for the entire year, helping to ensure that your intended donations get done even if you are away for a weekend or longer. If you have any questions about online giving, please contact Noni Thiesen at [email protected].

PS – If you are already giving to the church online, thank you! Would you please consider increasing that amount for the upcoming new year? Our parish family is the same as your family at home; our expenses go up every year, and your increased support helps to offset those increased expenses.