Strategic Planning

A Vision for Our Future

In February 2024, a Strategic Planning Committee was formed to develop a strategic plan for the parish and school. The Strategic Plan will serve as a road map for the future and will guide our decisions and actions of the church and school. The plan will be a ‘living’ document, in the sense that it will regularly be reviewed and updated as circumstances change.

To date, the strategic planning team has developed a new combined church and school mission statement that it is clear, concise and can be easily memorized.
Our proposed combined parish and school mission statement is “Catholic: Worship, Education, Evangelization.”
The mission statement tells us what it is we are planning to do. We believe that everything we do in our parish and school can be categorized under those three aspects. Not only is our focus going to be the worship of God, religious education for child and adult, and bringing the Gospel to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, we want everything we do to be intrinsically and unabashedly Catholic.

The team has also created a proposed Vision statement, and to create a picture of
where we are going as we strive to fulfill our mission.
Our vision is “Lighting the Way to Christ.”
We chose this as our vision because a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ is not only the pinnacle of our faith, but it is also the pinnacle of our responsibility to you as parishioners. If we are not helping every parishioner succeed in becoming an intentional disciple, we are failing as parish and school institutions. It is our duty to help “light the way” so that parishioners, families and students can know, love and serve God in this life, in order to be happy with Him forever in the next.

Over the course of the next few months, the committee will be identifying short-term and long-term goals for the church and school as well as strategies, plans and projects to help us achieve our goals for sustainability and growth.
We encourage you to visit this page frequently to check on the progress. We also welcome questions and ideas from parishioners, school families, alumni and community. This page will serve as a repository for information on the progress of the Strategic Plan, as well as tools for providing feedback to the committee.

 Thank you for your support and engagement!  It is essential to the success of this effort.

Strategic Planning Committee:

Fr. Sean Timmerman
Scott Koelzer
Donette Koelzer
Donna Weeda
Kelley Steele
Steve Dodd
Craig Marmie
Dan Rubin
Traci Schuette
Troy Baumert
Teresa Lewandowski

Thank you to all of the parishioners on our Strategic Planning Committee who give their time and their many gifts to participate in this process.


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