Fall Festival

“Catch the Spirit”

Thank you for supporting our Parish’s annual Fall Festuval on October 19th.

Read an article highlighting the community festival here.

Congratulations to our Fall Festival Raffle Winners!

Raffle Ticket Winners

Grand Prize ($1000) – Gerald Reichart

2nd Prize (2 NE/IN Football Tickets & Gear) – John Ulrich

3rd Prize (2 NE/IA Football Tickets & Gear) – Sander Scheer

4th Prize (Fall Package to Vala’s) – Brandon/Courtney Finn

5th Prize (18 Holes Golf, Lake Ridge, Balls & Cart) – Deb Warga

6th Prize (Museums Morrill Hall, Lauritzen Gardens) – Ging Family

Raffle Basket Winners

Christmas Cheer Basket – Susan Lepert

Sewing, Wall Art & Christmas Items – Andrea Dann McAley

Candle & Center piece – Valerie Scheer

Autographed Football Basket – Mike Vaughn

Pumpkin Carving Basket – Sean Gillen

Kitchen Basket – Craig Snyder

Kahlua – Sean Gillen

Kahlua – Patty Bond

Auto Wash Gift Card – Valerie Scheer

Wine Rack & Wine Bottles – Jeremy Hadfield

Auto Wash Gift Card – Irene Warga

Variety Kitchen Towels – Liz & Dan Rubin

Everything You Need Gourmet Baking Basket – Robert Klug

Beautiful Bowl from Italy – Sharon Kief

6 QT Slow Cooker – Brandon DeBrim

Beautiful Fall Door or Centerpiece Wreath – Lisa Hardy

Scarecrow Card Basket – Laura Culek

Corinthians Wall Art – Audrey Keruzis

Angels We Have Heard on High – Danielle Keruzis

Lavender Dreams – Cindy Daly

King Size Down Comforter – Craig Snyder

Irish Basket – Andrea & Darin McAley

Gardening Basket – Danielle Keruzis

Husker Ladies Basket – Jen Glup

Husker’s Men’s Basket – Kaelyn Monahan

TV 65” – Larry & Teresa Rolfson

Surround Sound & Blu-Ray Player – Sean & Angie Minahan

I’ll Toast to That – Carie Kostszewa

Cake to Serve approx. 30 people – Joel Little

Fall Festival Quilt Raffle

The Quilters would like to thank everyone who support our efforts and bought chances for the quilt raffled off at the Fall Festival.  Laura Culek was the lucky winner.  The Quilters have given $800 to the church.